Dracula Audiobook

Dracula Audiobook cover


Unabridged Audiobook

By: Bram Stoker

Narrated by: A Full Cast

Published: 2010-07-01

Duration: 18 hours 6 minutes



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Dracula Summary

Bram Stoker did not invent the vampire story, but he popularized it with his classic 1897 novel. In form Dracula is an epistolary novel, told through a series of journal entries, letters, newspaper articles, and telegrams. It begins with lawyer Jonathan Harker’s perilous journey to Castle Dracula in Transylvania, and chronicles the vampire’s invasion of England, where he preys upon the lovely Lucy Westenra and Harker’s fiancee, Mina. Harker and Mina join forces with lunatic asylum proprieter Dr. Seward, Lucy’s fiance Arthur Holmwood, Texas man of action Quincey Morris, and Dutch vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing to try and defeat their powerful adversary.


Who wrote Dracula?

Dracula was written by Bram Stoker.

Who narrates Dracula Audiobook?

This edition of Dracula Audiobook is narrated by A Full Cast.

Dracula Audiobook length

Dracula Audiobook length is 18 hours 6 minutes. That's 65160 seconds long!

What characters are in Dracula?

Dracula contains the following characters:

  • Jonathan Harker
  • Lucy Westenra
  • Abraham Van Helsing
  • John Seward
  • Quincey P. Morris
  • Arthur Holmwood
  • Mina Harker
  • Dracula
  • R.M. Renfield
  • Peter Hawkins
  • Mr. Swales
  • Braithwaite Lowrey
  • Andrew Woodhouse
  • John Paxton
  • John Rawlings
  • George Canon
  • J. M. Caffyn
  • Samuel F. Billington
  • Petrofsky
  • Olgaren
  • Mr. Carter
  • Sister Agatha
  • Thomas Bilder
  • Bersicker
  • Mrs. Tom
  • Patrick Hennessey
  • M. D.
  • M. R. C. S. L. K. Q. C. P. I.
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • Arminus
  • Lord Godalming
  • Rufus Smith

What year was Dracula first published?

Dracula was first published in the year 1897. That makes it 127 years old today!