Speechify Alternative: Top Picks and Comparison Guide

Exploring a Speechify alternative for your reading and productivity needs? Then this article is for you. As the Text-to-Speech (TTS) market continues to expand, with a value projected to hit $6.38 billion by 2029, it’s clear that TTS technology is becoming a staple in both personal and professional environments. But what is Speechify, and why might you consider other options?

In this text, we’ll investigate the reasons why you might look for alternatives to Speechify, from unexpected costs to limited voice options. You’ll also discover the top alternatives to Speechify, each offering unique features that could better suit your needs.

Finally, we’ll compare these alternatives, helping you make a well-informed choice about which TTS tool could enhance your reading experience and productivity. Let’s immerse and find the perfect solution for you.

What is Speechify?

Overview of Speechify Features

Speechify transforms written text into spoken words with accuracy and a natural tone. As an app designed to enhance your reading experience, Speechify stands out with its ability to read a wide range of content across different platforms. Whether it’s books, documents, or articles, Speechify offers a seamless listening experience on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets through its web app, mobile app, and Chrome extension. Here’s why you might consider apps like Speechify:

  • Versatility: It reads various content formats.
  • Voice Options: More than 130 high-quality voices are available.
  • Language Support: 30 languages and dialects cater to a global audience.
  • Accessibility Features: Text highlighting and audio file-sharing capabilities enrich the user experience.
  • Customization: Adjustments to reading speed and volume personalize the listening.

With rapidly growing interest in audiobooks for their convenience and ability to fit into busy lifestyles, Speechify and apps like Speechify serve as powerful tools for immersing yourself in literature without the need to focus your eyes on text.

Pros and Cons of Speechify

Speechify’s offerings are robust and suited for those who value listening over reading, such as individuals with visual impairments or learning differences. The app’s straightforward API allows for easy integration into other applications, streamlining content consumption for personal and professional utility.


  • High-Quality Voices: Varied, lifelike voices enhance listening.
  • Feature-Rich: Real-time text-to-speech, custom pronunciations, control over speed, and pitch are available.
  • Compatibility: It works well with PDFs, Word docs, and web content.

But, as with any tool, there are aspects that some users might find limiting.


  • No Linux Support: Users on Linux platforms must look at free alternatives to Speechify.
  • iOS and Android Restrictions: The Pro version isn’t fully supported on these mobile operating systems.

Free Speechify alternatives are available for those seeking a Speechify free alternative that balances cost with functionality. Apps like Speechify but free provide a wealth of options for enhancing your auditory literary experiences, underscoring the superiority of audiobooks and their indispensable role in the lives of book enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of spoken literature.

Why look for alternatives?

Limitations of Speechify

While Speechify has gained popularity for its text-to-speech capabilities, you may encounter several limitations. For one, Speechify’s lack of Linux support may be inconvenient if you’re an avid fan of open-source platforms. Also, Speechify’s iOS and Android functionality may not be as robust as on other operating systems, leading to a less-than-ideal user experience.

Another consideration is the limited features of the free plan. If you’re searching for a free alternative to Speechify, you’re likely aware that the available options with Speechify free are not extensive. You’ll find that apps like Speechify, but free, typically impose restrictions, such as a limited number of voices or reduced audio quality, which can detract from your listening enjoyment. Format compatibility is another essential factor to consider. You may need an app that supports various file types, such as PDF or EPUB. While Speechify covers some of this ground, you might require wider compatibility, especially if managing different documents.

Need for Additional Features

The drive for a Speechify alternative often stems from a desire for more comprehensive features. In your search for a free Speechify alternative, you’re looking for tools that suit your specific needs; perhaps advanced AI capabilities to provide a more natural-sounding, humanlike voice are at the top of your list. You might be interested in features like voice cloner technology, which allows for dubbing and voiceover projects or want to convert text to speech in various formats beyond the basic WAV and MP3. Apps equipped with these capabilities can enhance leisure listening and professional tasks, such as presentations and content creation.

Also, multilingual support is vital for global users. While Speechify offers a selection of languages and accents, you’re looking for apps that provide an extensive library of voices across different languages. This ensures you can enjoy audiobooks, articles, and documents in over 70 languages, catering to diverse linguistic needs.

Finally, cost is a critical factor. While Speechify Premium provides comprehensive features, the annual subscription might not fit everyone’s budget. In contrast, apps that provide a free Speechify alternative may offer a more flexible pricing model, like a one-time fee or a monthly subscription that could align better with your financial preferences.

Top Alternatives to Speechify


When exploring apps like Speechify, NaturalReader emerges as a standout option. It’s a robust TTS tool that makes content accessible on iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac. If you’re seeking a Speechify alternative that offers a variety of natural, high-quality voices, then NaturalReader is up your alley. With real-time voiceovers, this app lets you easily listen to your favorite written content, such as PDFs and EPUBs. Particularly useful for students and professionals, it adapts to different learning styles or multitasking needs.

  • Serves multiple platforms
  • Excels in natural-sounding voice synthesis
  • Real-time voiceovers enhance content consumption

Read Aloud

Read Aloud is a Speechify free alternative that integrates seamlessly with your browser. It converts webpage text to audio with just one click, supporting over 40 languages. This extension is a gem for avid readers and new audiobook fans alike, offering versatility across various content types. You’ll find it especially handy on platforms ranging from news sites to educational resources. Its simplicity and functionality make it a valuable asset.

  • User-friendly single-click operation
  • Over 40 language options
  • Flexibility for diverse website engagement

Voice Dream Reader

For those who prefer apps like Speechify but free, Voice Dream Reader provides an immersive experience. The app is tailored to cater to a broad audience, featuring advanced text-to-speech capabilities that bring your audiobooks and other digital texts to life. With customizable voice and playback settings, Voice Dream Reader is a free alternative to Speechify, delivering a personalized auditory experience for your literature and documents.

  • Advanced customization of voice settings
  • Rich, lifelike voice quality
  • Ideal for a personalized listening experience

How do these alternatives compare?

Pricing and Affordability

Cost is a major deciding factor when you’re on the hunt for a Speechify alternative. The free alternatives to Speechify offer a range of pricing options, providing solutions for budget-conscious individuals and organizations looking for premium features. While Speechify’s basic functionality comes at no cost, extended features typically require a subscription. In contrast, apps like Read Aloud Extension are free and don’t require financial investment. For those desiring more sophistication, Natural Reader and others may have paid options that still undercut Speechify’s pricing. It’s crucial to weigh the features and associated costs to ensure you get the best value.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Ease of use determines how quickly you can adopt a new tool. Free Speechify alternative options often boast user-friendly interfaces. For instance, ElevenLabs presents a straightforward, intuitive design, allowing seamless navigation through voice cloning and long-form content creation capabilities. On the other hand, some users find that apps like Speechify maintain a simple interface, ensuring that even those new to text-to-speech technology can convert text without a hitch. Your choice should depend on balancing comprehensive features and a non-complicated user experience.

Text-to-Speech Accuracy and Quality

One aspect where Speechify excels is the accuracy of its text-to-speech service. But, when looking for a free alternative to Speechify, it’s essential to consider how well the alternative converts text into natural-sounding speech. For example, technologies like Google Cloud Text-to-Speech and IBM Watson TTS leverage advanced AI to ensure high-quality, accurate voice synthesis. A Speechify alternative must sound natural and accurately reflect the original text’s nuances, something free apps manage with varying degrees of success.

Additional Features and Customization Options

Speechify and its alternatives differ significantly in their additional features and customization capabilities. While apps like Speechify often come with a variety of voices and languages, others might provide unique functionalities, like Voice Dream Reader’s advanced voice setting customizations. Free options like Read Aloud might not have all the bells and whistles, but they cover the basics well enough for casual users. Analyze additional features carefully—sometimes, the free Speechify alternatives might surprise you with their range of options, providing everything you need without the premium price tag.


Choosing the right text-to-speech app can significantly enhance your productivity and listening experience. With the alternatives to Speechify, you’ve got options that cater to different needs, whether platform compatibility, advanced features, or budget constraints. It’s worth exploring these solutions to find the one that fits seamlessly into your daily routine. Remember, the best choice is the one that meets your specific requirements and lets you consume written content with ease and efficiency. So go ahead, try these alternatives, and unlock a new level of convenience in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between free and paid Speechify?

The free version of Speechify offers basic text-to-speech functionality, while the paid version includes high-quality voices, faster audio playback, and priority customer support.

How much is the Speechify app?

As of the latest update, pricing for Speechify starts with a Basic plan at $129 a month, with potential variations depending on ongoing offers or policy changes.

Is there a free text-to-speech app?

Yes, Voice Aloud Reader is an example of a completely free text-to-speech app with comprehensive features and no paid version.

What app is better than Speechify?

Amazon Polly is considered a robust alternative to Speechify, offering affordable, high-quality voices through advanced speech synthesis across multiple languages for developers.

Is Voice Dream Reader better than Speechify?

This depends on your needs. Speechify supports more languages (30) than Voice Dream Reader (20). Your preference might depend on the specific languages you require and each app’s additional features.

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