Goodreads Alternatives: Top Picks & Choosing Tips for Readers

Exploring Goodreads alternatives can open up a new chapter in managing your reading list. Goodreads has long been the go-to platform for book enthusiasts, but it’s not the only option out there. In this guide, you’ll discover the benefits of branching out to other book cataloging platforms that might better suit your literary needs.

We’ll investigate the top Goodreads alternatives for book lovers, showcasing platforms that offer unique features and communities. Plus, you’ll get insights on choosing the suitable Goodreads alternative that aligns with your reading habits and preferences. Whether you’re looking to track your reading progress, connect with fellow bibliophiles, or find your next page-turner, there’s a world beyond Goodreads waiting for you.

Benefits of Using Goodreads Alternatives

More Personalized Recommendations

When exploring Goodreads alternatives, you’ll discover that many platforms offer a more custom-tailored experience. Unlike Goodreads, where recommendations often depend on general popularity, alternative book tracking apps use advanced algorithms to match books to your taste.

For instance, The StoryGraph excels at analyzing your reading habits to suggest books that might otherwise fly under your radar. This level of personalization ensures that your reading list is always fresh and intriguing. The functionality doesn’t just stop at genre sorting; you can filter picks by mood, pacing, and even specific themes—catering to your unique preferences.

Access to a Wider Range of Book Recommendations

Diversifying your book tracker app can lead to a broader spectrum of book selections. Platforms like BookBrowse and Likewise offer a variety of choices, from under-the-radar indie titles to mainstream bestsellers, ensuring you’re not restricted to a narrow set of options. Utilizing these Goodreads alternative apps maximizes exposure to an extended library.

With community-powered insights and staff-curated selections, you’re bound to stumble upon works that resonate with your interests. Also, reading trackers like Bookly and Basmo extend beyond mere cataloging, enriching your reading experience with insightful data and video content, providing a well-rounded approach to all things books.

Harnessing the benefits of these alternative platforms can significantly enhance your reading journey. As you incorporate these tools into your routine, your personalized library grows more aligned with your preferences, and your connections with like-minded readers deepen—even if your primary app to track books read is Goodreads, there’s undeniable value in exploring these alternatives.

Top Goodreads Alternatives for Book Lovers


If you’re searching for a book tracking app that’s more than just a reading log, you’ll find LibraryThing a compelling Goodreads alternative. Unlike Goodreads, LibraryThing boasts a robust cataloging system that integrates with numerous libraries, including the Library of Congress and Amazon. It’s a haven for bibliophiles who want to track books and other media like movies and music. As a user, you’ll appreciate the ease with which you can keep a detailed book reading tracker for your entire collection. Language diversity is also catered to, with support for about 15 different languages. Also, you’re able to:

  • Tag books with subjects of your choice
  • Sort your personal library with custom tags
  • Exchange reading suggestions through active community discussions
  • Lend and borrow books within a vast network of users

The StoryGraph

When it’s time to elevate your reading experience, The StoryGraph stands out as the best book tracking app for personalized recommendations. Its algorithm excels in understanding your reading habits and suggesting titles that match your mood and pacing preferences. Unlike Goodreads, where the star rating dominates, this app to track books read prioritizes insightful data like book moods and pacing based on collective user feedback. Key features include:

  • A reading tracker system that’s fine-tuned to your preferences.
  • Quarter and half-star ratings for nuanced feedback.
  • A unique ‘did not finish’ button to accurately reflect your reading journey.
  • Content warnings submitted by readers to prepare you for sensitive themes.

Book Riot

While not an app, Book Riot serves as a Goodreads alternative through its wide array of book-related content. This website offers a fresh perspective on the literary world and guides you to the best book tracking app choices that suit your lifestyle. It presents you with resources and articles that lead you toward making informed decisions about:

  • Organizing and tracking your reading list.
  • Discovering new books and authors that resonate with your tastes.
  • Engaging in vibrant discussions around books and reading habits.
  • Benefiting from curated book recommendations without app constraints.

Riffle Reads

Riffle Reads refines book discovery and introduces an innovative twist as an app to keep track of books read. Tailored for modern readers seeking a simple yet effective book tracker app, this platform combines the convenience of book tracking with social engagement. Features that engage readers include:

  • Intuitive lists to organize your reading and to-share books
  • Personalized recommendations that grow smarter as you use the app
  • A community vibe that allows for sharing and discovering reads within your network
  • An effortless interface that makes book tracking seamless and social

Each platform brings something unique to the table, ensuring that you’re not just keeping tabs on the books you read but also enhancing your reading experience. As you explore these Goodreads alternatives, you’ll find that whether you prefer an extensive database or a tailored recommendation engine, there’s a book reading tracker ready to meet your needs.

How to Choose the Right Goodreads Alternative

When you’re on the hunt for the best book tracking app, it’s crucial to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your reading preferences.

Consider Your Reading Preferences

You need an app that allows you to track books read and resonates with your unique tastes. A robust reading tracker should provide a diverse range of genres and tailor recommendations to your specific liking. If you’re a mood reader or you juggle multiple books at once, look for an app with flexible search filters that let you select moods, genres, and pacing to match your current reading phase. The rsuitableGoodreads alternative will pivot with your preferences, helping you build an ever-evolving, personalized TBR list.

Look for Social Features

Social connectivity is a cornerstone for sharing and discovering new reads. The best book tracker app should offer something beyond just the ability to keep track of books read. Interaction is key, so explore platforms that provide forums, book clubs, or group chat rooms. These allow you to engage with a community, exchange thoughts on your latest page-turner, and forge bonds with fellow book enthusiasts. In short, you deserve a Goodreads alternative that makes book discussions as engaging and accessible as your favorite social media apps.

Check for Compatibility with Your Devices

Finally, the best book tracking app must play nice with all your gadgets. Seamless integration and functionality are non-negotiable whether you’re on an iPhone, Android, tablet, or desktop. Check whether the platform you’re considering is truly a compatible app to track books read across all your devices. The right choice is one where convenience and support ensure your book tracking is as uninterrupted as your reading sessions.


You’ve got the scoop on the top Goodreads alternatives that can transform your reading experience. Whether you’re after a more social vibe or need an app that syncs seamlessly with your devices, there’s something out there for you. Remember, the right platform resonates with your reading habits and brings out the best in your book-loving journey. So, go ahead! Explore these options and prepare to take your reading to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a better platform than Goodreads?

While “better” is subjective, platforms such as Bookworm, The StoryGraph, and Bookly offer distinct features for different needs. Bookworm has a vibrant reader community, The StoryGraph excels in analytical insights, and Bookly assists in establishing reading as a habit.

Is Goodreads having a problem?

There are currently no detected issues with Goodreads. The last outage was on January 1, 2024, and it lasted approximately one hour.

Is Goodreads free with Amazon?

Yes, Goodreads is free and does not require payment for general use. However, authors may incur costs for promotional giveaways.

Does Amazon still own Goodreads?

Goodreads remains a subsidiary of Amazon, functioning as a social cataloging website for book enthusiasts to explore and discuss literature.

What is the best app for keeping track of your books?

Diverse apps like Bookly, Book Tracker, TBR – Bookshelf, BookBuddy, Basmo, and StoryGraph cater to different tracking needs, offering management tools and reading insights for an optimal book tracking experience.

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